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Cedar garage

Garage or Gym?

How’s lockdown going for you? I must admit I found it rather easier at the weekend, with the golden sunshine highlighting the beautiful reds, yellows and browns of the autumn leaves.

I managed to get out for a run too, feeling the autumn sunshine on my back; sunshine that feels like a prized asset on days like today.

Because of course, it is a little different today, with this drizzle – the kind of weather that coats you in a sheen of water within seconds of stepping outside. A cursory glance at the forecast doesn’t fill me with much hope either – we’ve got consistent showers to look forward to at the weekend and plenty of rain on the days either side too.

I’m not complaining – as Dolly Parton said, “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain”, but the weather is beginning to hamper my exercise a touch. 

Call me a fair weather runner, but I don’t fancy a jog when it’s bucketing down or blowing a gale, and that’s why I’m starting to think about how I can keep the exercise going during the short dark and wet days that are to come. It’s a problem that’s plagued many Shields Buildings customers over the years, and many of them have opted for a ‘two birds, one stone’ approach to solve it.

A sizeable timber garage doesn’t just give you a safe haven for your vehicle – it can be the ideal dry workout space too. Whether you’re doing weights, circuit training, or running on a treadmill, a garage can fit the bill, without having to have a fully dedicated space for exercise.

Click here to see our garages now.

If you’ve already got a garage, then you’re pretty much ready to go, but if you haven’t, then let’s have a conversation and get the ball rolling – give us a call and we’ll work out the next step for you.

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When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
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