Five years on

Shed2 2023 scaled - Bespoke Garden Buildings

Hold up

The school holidays have started, which means that down here in not so sunny Devon we’ve got a few weeks of the usual traffic jams and holdups on the A30 to look forward to. 

Can’t complain though, we love living in Devon – no wonder everybody wants to come here!

John did get stuck in traffic yesterday, but it was sheep causing the jam on this occasion rather than holidaymakers.

The weather has been pretty grim, which isn’t what anybody wants in the summer holidays, that’s the UK for you though, the weather is always here there and everywhere. 

I received a really lovely email earlier today from a customer of ours, sharing a photo of a bespoke shed we built for them over five years ago. You might think that half a decade of being exposed to changeable British weather might take the shine off a common-or-garden outdoor building, but not one of ours. Here’s the photo they sent over…

5 year old shed

Our customer is as pleased as punch that their building is looking as good as new after so long, and they’re looking forward to many more years of use from it, whatever the weather throws at us. 

Here’s hoping some sunshine is on the way, but if you’re in Devon and you’d like to pop in and see some of the buildings we’ve got on the display site, just pop over, you’d be very welcome.

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