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Oak frame carport

Driving in the dark

After the let-down of August (which is happening with such alarming regularity that there seems little point in pretending that August is a summer month!), warm September days are always welcome, and that’s exactly what we’ve enjoyed again this year.

But when the sun dips below the horizon in the evening, there’s definitely an autumnal chill in the air, and I’m already starting to see a few leaves brown in preparation for the long winter.

The other day I drove my new car in the dark for the first time, despite having had it for a couple of months now.

It was also the first time I got to try my new headlights out, and I must say that I was genuinely amazed by the level of illumination – the whole road lit up like a Christmas tree (sorry, it’s definitely too early for that word!), and I could see exactly where I was going.

Before I switched the headlights on, it felt like I was groping in the dark, being timid and cautious, because I couldn’t see exactly where I was headed with the clarity I wanted and needed.

But when the lights went on, I could see precisely where I was going.

It’s a similar journey that many of our customers go on – they know they want a timber garden building of some description, but that’s about it.

But when they talk to us, come to look at the show buildings, and build up a better, clearer picture of the kind of thing that’s possible, all of a sudden, the way ahead is crystal clear.

And if it’s time for you to get your headlights on, and move ahead with your journey for a timber building get in touch and let’s make it happen!

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When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
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