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Dreaming of your own space?


Many of our customers dream of having a special haven in which to do their work or hobby, but are unsure of how to turn their dream into a reality.

A timber garden building will give you the space than you crave, somewhere just for you. You will probably want to use your garden studio all year round, so design priorities will be about warmth and light. At Shields Buildings we use double glazed uPVC windows and doors as standard. They come in a range of finishes, white, anthracite and light oak being the most popular. They offer good insulation whilst being the perfect low maintenance solution.

When you want to work on your hobby during the duller days, then light is also a priority. Roof lights can be easily installed to give additional light in to the building.

Things to Consider

One important consideration when planning a garden building is whether you need to obtain Planning Permission. For some helpful advice on this take a look at our website here.

We always appreciate feedback from our customers on their experience during the planning stages, on the delivery and on the build. We are also keen to know how they are using their new timber building. One delighted customer got exactly what she wanted when she chose her timber studio from Shields Buildings:

 The response after the first initial enquiry was quick and efficient, with a site visit, initial plans and very reasonable quote done within a couple of days.  The team who built it have done a wonderful job and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.  I shall be using it as a textile art studio and John was most helpful in planning it with me for that purpose, making sure of enough light and space.

Now Liz can work in peace and comfort and enjoy her art knowing she has her own special haven to work in – all thanks to the team at Shields Buildings!


Planning permission
When does a timber building need planning permission? Many buildings will not need permission, but you are always advised to check first.
Read our tips and advice to get your project started.

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