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Last minute shenanigans

It was “mum duty” for me last weekend, moving my daughter from her university house in Reading to Oxford, where she’ll start her work placement later this month.

And there was a familiar theme – she was the last to move out, which meant we were left with the mountain of jobs that seem to accumulate in a house-share, and need to be completed to get the all-important security deposit back.

We got to work, tackling the list, making the house spick and span, and I’m fairly certain it will pass the exacting gaze of the landlord, but it did lead me to remind Beth that life is somewhat easier if you don’t leave these tasks till the last minute.

The same is true when it comes to your garden building – plenty of people have one on their list, and at the start of the year there’s a wave of optimism; measurements taken, brochures downloaded and pored over.

But as life takes over and it stays on the list, time refuses to stand still.

And as I write this in July, the window to get your garden building in before the weather turns is closing.

We currently have one slot for delivery and installation at the end of August, so if you’d like to take it we need to talk without delay, but in any case, if you want yours installed before winter, let’s talk this week, make some progress and get a date in the diary, avoiding the last minute shenanigans that characterised my weekend!

Give us a call on 01837 82442 and we’ll make it happen.

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