“Can you do this?”

Open sided Carport with synthetic slate roof

July was one of our busiest ever months here at Shields Buildings, as people make up for lost time. It’s fantastic to see things moving again, and personally I’m loving talking to customers again, and helping them achieve what they want to with their outdoor space.

Unsurprisingly, the busyness has resulted in a lot of questions coming our way, many of them beginning like this:

“Can you do…?”

 Sometimes they want an unusual size. Sometimes they’ve got a specific purpose for their building that they can’t see on our website, or sometimes there are extras and add-ons they’re keen on that they’re not sure are possible.

And, without wanting to sound conceited, the answer to pretty much every question is “yes”.

Because as you’re hopefully aware, Shields bespoke timber garden buildings are handmade right here on the farm, by our team. This gives us a level of control over the type of building we construct that most companies simply don’t have. When it comes to design, the sky really is the limit.

So whatever idea you’ve got in your head, whatever you want, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to let you know whether it’s possible; spoiler alert, it probably is!

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