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Artist studio


“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing” -  Rembrandt

We may be preaching to the converted about the benefits of painting - for the mind, for the senses, as a reliever of stress - but nevertheless, we thought we'd share a few choice bits of information for budding artists, and established ones looking to further their art.

Artist studio
Free from disturbance

Although the concept of 'the sacred' may seem a little out of place in this fast-paced modern world, every painter knows that time spent painting is best if you are undisturbed by outside influences. There is a special feeling associated with painting a picture, as there is with creating any work of art, and having your own studio to do with as you will goes a long way to helping create and preserve that feeling.

Maximise the light

Not only are Shields Buildings studios fantastically well put-together, they can also be designed to maximise the precious, natural light that falls on them. Often this will mean north light to avoid extremities of light and shade. You can easily also have a porch area in front of your studio with an awning for working outside.

A safe place

Your own personal studio can also be the perfect place to store your materials and work. Shields Buildings studios are resistant to damp, being both well made and well-ventilated. Inside your studio, it is extremely easy to keep the environmental conditions at the optimum for storage for any length of time.

You can leave work that's still in progress without fear of it being disturbed by little hands, wagging tails or curious guests. Many artists prefer their work to remain unseen until they are completely finished with them. There is no need to explain how having your own private studio can help you accommodate your personal, artistic mien.

Getting started is the hardest part

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced” - Vincent van Gogh

If painting weren't a challenge, it wouldn't be any fun. Regardless of how well-practised you are, a new piece will always throw up its own questions and demand that you become a slightly better painter in order to answer them.

Beginner's take note! Once you get started, you won't look back. Having your own studio means not having to think about where your sketchbook is, or your pencils and brushes. All your things are always right where you left them. All you need is a fresh glass of water, and you can get right back to it. This alone is of inestimable value. Anything that helps you get started is a true boon.

There are thousands of things fighting for our attention from the TV to the internet to the latest desperate developments abroad. However, with your own studio, you can shut the vast majority of these out and just get on with what you love doing. The only question is, what are you waiting for?

You can check out a case study of one of our purpose built artist studios here.







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