Expert advice from a bespoke garden building supplier

Painted timber garden studio

What to consider when buying a garden building If you’ve got your looking for a garden building supplier, then you’ve probably worked out that there are garden buildings, and then there are garden buildings. Whether you’re looking for a garden summer house, timber workshop, studio or just a simple shed to get things done in, not […]

Introducing ZERO: The New Product Range From Shields Buildings

Painted interior

The Future of Garden Buildings is Here: Explore The New Zero-Maintenance Solution from Shields We’re delighted to introduce you to ZERO, our brand-new product range!  When naming our new range, we had no choice but to go with ‘ZERO’, given that it sums up every key benefit it offers… Zero, zilch, nada.  But what is it, I hear […]

How to pick garden sheds that stand the test of time

Perfect garden sheds

Your expert garden sheds guide from a Devon shed supplier Garden sheds are not hard to come by; the difficulty is in finding one that meets your requirements AND stands the test of time. Because the truth is, you can get a garden shed pretty cheap, by scouring online and getting a flatpack one delivered. The question is, […]

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