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Now’s the time for a new workshop or shed

This week’s seen some very welcome light at the end of the tunnel, with the announcement that lockdown will end on December 2nd, as well as some very positive updates on the vaccine front. Unfortunately, the easing of restrictions came rather too late for the afternoon tea I had planned at the weekend to celebrate a friends birthday, but we’ve all got fingers crossed that we’ll end up in a Tier that allows it to go ahead next month!

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Attention to detail

I signed up for Netflix at the weekend, for one reason and for one reason only: The Crown.

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Garage or Gym?

How’s lockdown going for you? I must admit I found it rather easier at the weekend, with the golden sunshine highlighting the beautiful reds, yellows and browns of the autumn leaves.

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Working from home

Like the unwelcome guest knocking on the door when you’ve just put your dressing gown on and settled down to a nice film, lockdown is back. Thankfully, I think it will be a little different this time.

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